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Dec 5, 2012
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New Additions to My Itunes:)

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Love The Song but WTF is Up With All The Dark Imagery????? 

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Britney Tweeted about Ke$ha’s New Single:

@keshasuxx, I am LOVING #DieYoung! Congrats! Have you guys heard it yet?

What Do You Guys Think of The New Track??

May 22, 2012

My First 生産GeProdUs33r生產 Is The One and Only Łukasz Gottwald AkA Dr.Luke!! His Resume Includes Clients Such As The Legendary Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj, Pink, Kesha, Katy Perry, and Rihanna.

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Love The Remix To Ke$ha’s Sleezy Feat. T.I, Wiz Khalifa, Andre 3000 and LiL Wayne.

The roles of Ke$ha, Wiz Khalifa, Andre 3000, T.I. and Lil Wayne in the video for “Get Sleazy 2.0 (Get Sleazier)” will be played by a large black man with a mohawk, a Pabst Blue Ribbon-guzzling drag queen, a folksy townie, a foul-mouthed old man, and a bat-wielding teen hoodlum, respectively. “This video is the product of my friends seeing how sleazy the already monumentally Sleazy Remix 2.0 could get,” writes K-Dolla. “Brace yourself because this video takes SLEAZY to a whole new level.” Yeah, she’s not kidding. We’re just surprised nobody put their beard in anyone’s mouth.

What Ya’ll Think??

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