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Best Rupaul Video Ever!! Love Me Some JuJuBee

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National Anthem:Lana Del Rey Video Compilation

1.Video Games October 10,2011

2.Born to Die December 30,2011

3.Blue Jeans(Original) April 6,2012


5.Summertime Sadness June 22,2012

6.National Anthem July 6,2012

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Full Elle Article On Ms.Britney Spears!

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The Many Fragrances Of The Legendary Britney Spears

1.CURIOUS-“Do You Dare"-Released September 2004

2.Fantasy-“Everyone Has One"-September 15,2005 

3.Curious:In Control-“Are You?"-April 16,2006

4.Midnight Fantasy-“Magic Begins At Midnight”- December 2006

5.Believe-“The Greatest Freedom is To Believe In Yourself"-September 27,2007

6.Curious Heart-“Live Yours to The Fullest"-January 2008

7.Hidden Fantasy-“What Do You Have to Hide?"-January 2009

8.Circus Fantasy-“Do You Make It Hot?"-September 2009

9.Radiance-“Choose Your Own Destiny"-September 2010

10.Cosmic Radiance-“Be The Brightest Star in The Universe"-August 2011


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Britney Looks Flawless On The New Cover Of Elle!!!!

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DDAO: Florence and The Machine Video Collection

1.Kiss With A Fist June 9,2008

2.Dog Days Are Over December 1,2008

3.Rabbit Heart June 21,2009

4.Drumming Song September 13,2009

5.You Got The Love January 5,2009 

6.You Got Dirtee Love Febuary 17,2010

7.Dog Days Are Over(2010) April 11,210

8.Cosmic Love July 5,2010

9.Heavy In Your Arms November 15,2010

10.What The Water Gave Me August 23,2011

11.Shake It Out September 14,2011

12.No Light, No Light January 16,2012

13.Never Let Me Go April 2,2012

14.Breathe Of Life April 27,2012

15.Spectrum July 6,2012

16.Breaking Down

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I’m Here:The Shakira Video Compilation

1.Estoy Aqui August 29,1995(Europe Version) (I’m Here-English)

2.Donde Estas Corazon September 4,1995

3.Pies Descalzos Suenos Blancos March 15,1996

4.Un Poco De Amor May 16,1996

5.Se Quiere, Se Mata March 10,1997

6.Ciega Sordomuda July 13,1998(Live)

7.Tu November 2,1998

8.Inevitable December 18,1998(Live)

9.No Creo February 17,1999

10.Ojos Asi July 23,1999

11.Moscas En La Casa August 28,1999

12.Whenever Wherever/Suerte August 27,2001(Live)

13.Underneath Your Clothes March 18,2002(Live)

14.Objection(Tango)/(English) April 24,2002

15.The One June 12,2002

16.Te Dejo Madrid August 15,2002(Live)

15.Que Me Quedes Tu December 1,2002

16.La Tortura May 30,2005(Live)

17.No June 2,2005(Live)

18.Don’t Bother November 4,2005(Live)


19.Dia De Enero January 19,2006

20.Hips Don’t Lie March 27,2006(Live)


21.Illegal November 14,2006


22.Te Lo Agradezco Pero No December 30,2006

23.Beautiful Liar March 5,2007 

24.Las De La Intuicion May 13,2007

25.Hay Amores 

26.She Wolf/Loba July 13,2009


27.Did It Again(Remix) October 16,2009

28.Give It Up To Me November 10,2009

29.Gypsy February 19,2010

30.Waka Waka(Spanish/Alternate Version

31.Crazy/Loca September 10,2009(Live/From The Parking Lot)

32.Sale El Sol January 4,2011

33.Rabiosa(Spanish) April 8,2011

34.Antes De Las October 21,2011

35.Je l’aime a Mourir November 29,2011

36.Addicted to You March 13,2012

37.Get It Started

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K25:Video Collection

1.Locomotion July 20,1987(Alternative Version) July 25,1988

2.I Should Be So Lucky December 29,1987(Alternative Version) January 1,1988

3.Got to Be Certain(Alternative Version) May 2,1988

4.Je Ne Sais Pourquoi(Made In Heaven) October 17,1988

5.Especially for You November 28,1988

6.It’s No Secret December 15,1988

7.Hand On Your Heart April 24,1989

8.Wouldn’t Change A Thing July 24,1989

9.Never to Late October 23,1989

10.Tears On My Pillow November 12,1989

11.Better The Devil You Know April 30,1990

12.Step Back In Time October 22,1990

13.What Do I Have To Do January 21,1991

14.Shocked May 20,1991


15.Word Is Out August 28,1991


16.If You Were With Me Now October 21,1991

17.Give Me Just A LiL More Time January 13,1992

18.Finer Feelings April 13.1992

19.What Kind Of Fool(Heard All That Before) August 10,1992

20.Celebration November 16,1992

21.Confide In Me August 24,1994

22.Put Yourself In MY Place November 14,1994

23.Where Is The Feeling July 10,1995

24.Where The Wild Roses Grow October 2,1995

25.Some Kind Of Bliss September 8,1997


26.Did It Again November 24,1997

27.Breathe February 1998

28.Cowboy Style August 18,1998

29.GBI(German Bold Italic) October 16,1998

30. Spinning Around June 13,2000

31.On A Night Like This September 11,2000

32.Kids October 9,2000

33.Please Stay December 11,2000

34.Your Disco Needs You January 22,2001

35.Can’t Get You Outta My Head September 8,2011

36.In Your Eyes January 21,2002

37.Love At First Sight June 10,2002

38.Come Into My World November 2,2002

39.Slow November 3,2003 

40.Red Blooded Women March 2004

41.Chocolate June 28,2004

42.I Believe In You December 6,2004

43.Giving You Up March 28,2005

44.2 Hearts November 9,2007

45.WoW February 16,2008

46.In My Arms  February 15,2008 

47.All I See March 11,2008

48.The One July 28,2008

49.All The Lovers June 28,2010

50.Get Outta My Way September 27,2010

51.Higher November 26,2010

52.Santa Baby November 30,2010

53.Better Than Today December 3,2010

54.Put Your Hands Up(Pete Hammond Remix) May 29,2011

55.TimeBomb May 25,2012 

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L’Officiel / Katy Perry

Katy Perry Shows That She Can Rock Any Hair Color and Still Look Gorgeous!!

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No Regrets Just Love-Katy Perry:Video Collection

1.Wide Awake(Lyric Video) May 22,2012

2.Dressin’ Up(Lyric Video) March 26,2012

3.Part Of Me February 13,2012(Lyric Video)

4.The One That Got Away(With Commentary) October 1,2011

5.Last Friday Night(T.G.I.F)(Fan Lip Sync)June 6,2011(Remix)August 8,2011

6.E.T (With Commentary)February 16,2011 

7.Firework (With Commentary)October 26,2010

8.Teenage Dream(With Commentary)(Directors Cut)July 23,2010

9. California Girls May 11,2010

10.If We Never Meet Again February 15,2010 

11.StarStruck July 9,2009

10.Waking Up In Vegas April 21,2009

11.Thinking Of You (Extended) January 12,2009

12.Hot N Cold September 9,2008

13.I Kissed A Girl April 28,2008

14.Ur So Gay November 20,2007

15.Good Bye For Now January 24,2006

16.Simple May 24,2005

17.The Box 2003

18.Long Shot


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Lady GaGa by Terry Richardson

Aug 30, 2012 / 11 notes

More Fabulous Pictures Of GaGa By The One and Only Terry Richardson!!

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No Doubt My Favorite Band: Video Compilation

1.Trapped In A Box February 25,1992 

2.Just A Girl September 21,1995

3.Spider Webs November 19,1995

4.Don’t Speak April 16,1996

5.Excuse Me Mr. August 21,1996

6.Sunday Morning March 27,1997

7.Oi To The World

8.Hey You! February 23,1998 

9.New May 1999

10.Ex-Girlfriend May 2,2000

11.Simple Kind Of Life June 13,2000

12.Bathwater November 14,2000 

13.Hey Baby October 29,2001

14.Hella Good April 13,2002

15.Underneath It All August 15,2002

16.Running July 1,2003 

17.It’s My Life October 30,2011

18.Bathwater(Invincible Overload remix) April 20,2004 


19.Settle Down July 16,2012

Aug 25, 2012 / 2 notes

The Triumphant MC:Video Collection

1.Vision Of Love March 15,1990

2.Love Takes Time September 11,1990

3.Someday November 13,1990(12” Video Version)

4.I Don’t Wanna Cry April 25,1991

5.There’s Got to Be A Way May 6,1991

6.Emotions August 19,1991(Remix)(FAV:D)

7.Can’t Let Go October 23,1991

8.Make It Happen April 4,1992

9.If It’s Over August 28,1992

10.I’ll Be There 1992

11.Dreamlover July 27,1993(FAV:D)

12.Hero October 19,1993

13.Without You January 24,1994

14.Anytime You Need A Friend May 31,1994(C+C Edit)

15.Endless Love August 29,1994(Live Version)

16.All I Want For Christmas November 1,1994(1960’s Version)

17.Miss You Most At Christmas Time

18.Joy To The World(Celebration Mix

19.Fantasy September 12,1995(FAV:D)(Bad Boy Remix)(MC Debuts The Straight Hair!!) 

20.One Sweet Day November 15,1995

21.Forever March 10,1995

22.Open Arms December 5,1995

23.Always Be My Baby March 9,1996(Mr.Dupri Mix)(FAV:D)

24.Honey July 30,1997(Bad Boy Remix)

25.Butterfly December 1,1997

26.The Roof March 20,1998

27.Breakdown March 24,1998(May Be My FAV:D Vid)

28.My All April 21,1998(Stay Awhile Remix)

29.When Ever You Call Live 1998

30.Sweetheart October 6,1998

31.When You Believe November 2,1998(FAV:D)

32. I Still Believe February 8,1999(Damizza Remix)

33. Heartbreaker September 21,1999(Remix)

34.Thank God I Found You January 25,1990(Make It Last Remix)

35.Can’t Take That Away June 6,2000(Live)

36.Against All Odds October 3,2000(Duet Version with Westlife)

37.CryBaby July 18,2000

38.All I Want For Christmas Is You(So So Def Remix) December 4,2000

39.O Holy Night (From The November 1,1994 Merry Christmas Album)

40.LoverBoy July16,2001(Remix

41.Never Too Far October 23,2001

42.Don’t Stop (Funkin’ With Jamaica) December 10,2001 

43.Last Night A DJ Saved My Life 

44.Through The Rain October 17,2002(FAV:D)

45. Boy(I Need You) November 26,2002(FAV:D)

46.I Know What You Want March 13,2003 

47.Bringin’ On The Heartbreak November 25,2003

48.U Make Me Wanna October 12,2004

49.It’s Like That January 7,2005

50.We Belong Together March 29,2005(FAV:D)

51.Shake It Off July 12,2005(FAV:D)

52.Get Your Number October 3,2005

53.Don’t Forget About Us December 12,2005(FAV:D)(Dessert Storm Remix)

54.Say Soemthin’ April 3,2006

55.LiL L.O.V.E July 1,2007 

56.Touch My Body February 12,2008 

57.Bye Bye April 15,2008

58.I’ll Be Lovin’ U Long Time July 1,2008

59.I Stay In Love October 28,2008

60.Right To Dream December 2,2008

61.Hero(2009) January 20,2009

62.My Love February 24,2009 

63.Love Story March 9,2009

64.Obsessed June 16,2009(Remix)

65.I Want To Know What Love Is September 15,2009(FAV:D)

66.H.A.T.E.U November 1,2009

67.Up Out My Face February 16,2010(FAV:D)

68.100% February 9,2010

69.Angels Cry February 23,2010

70.Everybody Hurts February 7,2010

71.Oh Santa! October 11,2010

72.O Come All Ye Faithful November 1,2010

73.Auld Lang Syne

74.All I Want For Christmas(SuperFestive!) November 1,2011

75.When Christmas Comes November 21,2011

76.Triumphant(Get ‘Em) August 3,2012

Aug 22, 2012 / 3 notes

RATED R:The Video Collection

1.Pon De Replay May 24,2005.

2.If It’s Lovin’ That You Want December 2,2005.

3.SOS March 27,2006.(FAV:D) SOS NIKE Version

4. Unfaithful May 1,2006(Love This Song)

5.We Ride September 18,2006(This Is The Last Video Where Rihanna Has That Sweet and Innocent Style)

6.Umbrella April 26,2007(The Song That Changed Our RiRi FOREVER)

7. Shut Up and Drive June 25,2007(Fav:D)

8. Hate That I Love You September 21,2007

9. Don’t Stop The Music July 26,2007

10.Take A Bow April 25,2008(Another Fav:D)

11.If I Never See Your Face Again May 12,2008(RiRi In Red Lipstick…To Die For)

12.Disturbia July 22,2008-Online Only Version

13.Live Your Life October 28,2008

14.Rehab November 17,2008

15.Paranoid May 27,2009

16.Run This Town August 19,2009(Rlly Don’t Like What This Song Promotes:/)

17.Wait Your Turn November 9,2009(Now We Enter RiRi’s Darkest Phase or Most Experimental)

18.Russian Roulette November 13,2009

19.Hard December 17,2009

20.Shy Ronnie 

21.Rude Boy February 10,2010

22.Rock Star 101 May 25,2010

23.Te Amo May 28,2010

24.Love The Way You Lie August 5,2010(RiRi Debuted That Famous RiRi Red Hair)

25.Who’s That Chick September 17,2010(Daytime) Night Version

26.Only Girl(In The World) October 13,2010

27.Shy Ronnie 2:Ronnie & Clyde

28.What’s My Name November 12,2010

29.S&M February 1,2010

(If U Have Never Heard The Remix With The Legend Ms.Spears Check It Out)

30.All Of The Lights February 19,2011

31. California King Bed May 9,2011(FAV:D)

32.Man Down May 31,2011

33.Cheers(Drink To That) August 26,2011

34.Fly August 28,2011

35.We Found Love October 19,2011

36.You Da One December 23,2011(FAV:D)

37.Take Care April 6,2012

38.Where Have Your Been April 30,2012(FAV:D) A Lot Of Symbolism Tho:(

39.Princess Of China  June 2,2012