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Dawn Richards Is Back and She’s Gonna Make An Impact

I had been a tumblr block for a while cause I couldn’t think of something to blog about but now I’ve got something someone to get me back into and thats Ms. Dawn Richards.

For those of you that don’t know her she was with the group Danity Kane which I thought was a very good group but with P.Diddys curse on groups all good things must come to an end and like most people from his groups they’re usually never heard of again but she was determined to stick with it.

I heard a song or two from her and I thought ok not bad but when I heard Amor On cd I feel in love. The thing I respect about her is shes a perfect example of being successful without a big record label backing her up, and I’m not saying there maybe someone trying to sign her after GoldenHeart comes out, but either way shes made an impact she showed that you can go from being huge and then having a setback for a bigger comeback. Lil’Kim could learn a thing or two from her.